Go behind the scenes on Tampa real estate and discover what lies beneath the sea. At the Florida Aquarium visitors become acquainted with an amazing collection of aquatic wildlife. State of the art exhibits mingle with informative displays. Educational opportunities present a wealth of opportunity to learn all about conservation, habitats and individual species.

Tours and interactions add to the adventure found on this piece of Tampa real estate. Penguins may wear tuxedos but for human guests it’s black tie optional during the Penguins Backstage Pass. Experts introduce these little fellas while relaying information about feedings, care and habits. This encounter shows penguins frolicking and waddling. It even offers participants the opportunity for a touch or two. Close Up Critter allows admittance to several backstage areas. Multiple animal ambassadors welcome tourists along their way. This particular experience is a favorite for families living in Tampa. Overall behind the scenes tours encourage those with a love of biology and oceanography. Biolists share their knowledge of the inner workings of the aquarium while introducing animals in their care.

Dive In Head First When Living in Tampa

Visitors of the aquarium who want to get their feet wet can jump in the water. Dive and swim events create one of a kind memories to be cherished for a lifetime. Be in the center of things with the Heart of a Sea Swim. This snorkeling encounter exposes one to a variety of sea animals including sea turtles, sharks and fish. The Shark Swim is not for the faint of heart and puts the bravest of brave right in the water with tiger sharks, barracuda, sea turtles and stingrays.

Delve a bit deeper with treks outside the aquarium. Certified SCUBA divers can probe shipwreck scenes in the Gulf of Mexico. Sponsored trips orgininate at Fort De Soto National Park and make their way toward two separate shipwreck sites. Wild dolphin cruises set forth from the Florida Aquarium in search of playful creatures. The captain knows the way of the waves and where to find the dolphins. Passengers will get their fill of playful dolphins leaping in and out of the water on this cruise.

Reservations for all Florida Aquarium adventures is easily accomplished online. Those seeking more information will find it by calling 813.273.4015.