Mystery unfolds near Apollo Beach homes at The Escape Strategy. Here groups connect together in anticipation of the ultimate escape game experience. The latest craze in interactive recreation pits teams against the clock. Locked inside a themed room puzzles must be unraveled and clues unearthed in order for success to be achieved.

Three themed rooms fill the Apollo Beach property.The Ghost Room appears as eerie as it sounds. A dear friend has been brutally killed. In order to give her soul rest the team must identify the killer. Time is of the essence because other victims are scheduled to die. Can the group save the day or will it be too late for another? The DEA room is the hardest level of play. The scene is set for undercover mastery. Detectives must delve into the Miami underworld and play at being gangsters. In a cartel safe house investigators must discover evidence  before they are in turn discovered.

It’s All Fun and Games on Apollo Beach Property

In Escape the Beach House guests are invited to the coast. When they arrive they decide to relax on the porch of the Apollo Beach home before settling in. On the horizon a storm starts to form. As it moves closer the group realizes the front door is locked. A key is hidden somewhere. Will lightning strike before they find it or will they enter into comfort and safety before the rain pours down?

Each scenario is rated from easy to hard. Time limits also vary from 30 to 60 minutes. The Escape Strategy offers family fun but children under 14 are asked to be accompanied by an adult. Teams are limited to eight people all in all, but larger groups can call the office at 813.773.7150 to arrange special accommodations. The venue is open Thursdays through Sundays. Hours vary and reservations are easily made online. Participants are asked to arrive fifteen minutes prior to play time as the clock begins its count down right on time.